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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Colin M1BUU's New Receiver Project

Hi Pete,
Just checking in :-)
I have actually been melting solder recently. I decided to build a little CW receiver. I love my regenerative RX that I built as a teenager, but after all these years, I'm tired of constantly tweaking the controls!
My project is a 20m CW only superhet receiver with a 9MHz home brew filter. I'm using the SI5351 for the oscillators. I originally thought I would cover multiple  bands, but for now I have the parts for 20m coverage. I might tinker with other bands at a later point.
I'm using your LBS code on the Arduino, the one for 20m with 9MHz IF. I haven't applied power to the rig yet but it's not far off fully built. I tweaked the Arduino sketch using my Uno and tonight I have successfully transferred the code to a Pro Mini. (Code went into Pro Mini on first attempt - amazing!).
73 for now,
Colin M1BUU

1 comment:

  1. FB Colin!

    I love those Pro-Mini boards! One thing that I ran into, though, is that, while it says you can run 12V on the "Raw" input, the boards that I have don't like it.

    Looks like a cool project! Have fun!

    73- Steve


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