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Sunday, October 2, 2016

GW4ZUA's "Let's Build Something" Receiver

The LBS project of Pete and Ben continues to inspire homebrewers all around the world.  Check out the video of GW4ZUA's version.  Peter GW4ZUA writes:

Hi Pete,

Thank you for your kind words,

I suppose it started with a knob and a pointer to know (guess) where you were on the band, probably most radio builders did the same, and some still do, but as long as it worked you were very satisfied, what a marvelous feeling when you switch on and those electronic components do their job and deliver the goods......amazing.

So time moves on you get better at building and technology gives you a hand, LCD displays, homebrew frequency counters,cheap components, wow now you Know where you are on the band.

Then I saw your rig with a colour display and DDS "I gotta get me one of these."

I watched most of your videos, Your "easy going, down to earth manner" made it look easy to do.
I love the internet, without it I'd probably still be using knobs and pointers, there are is a wealth of knowledge available to those lucky enough to have access. I also love email, as you can now contact people who are willing to share their projects and give advice.

So the LBS well it certainly works, so few parts but they are all eager to please, with the display (did I mention the display) it is a project you can be proud of.

A big thank you to you and Ben for the project,

I don't know if it will ever go in a box as I just love to look at it and I'm amazed at what comes out of the speaker.

Regards to you all..........
73's for now.  ...........Peter (GW4ZUA)

As is well known, I'm more of a knob and pointer guy myself, but I understand the attractions and advantages of the glowing numerals.  And I definitely sympathize with Peter's comment about the beauty of an in-boxed rig.

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