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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

HB2HB! KW4KD and N2CQR (video)

A couple weeks ago I ran into Jim KW4KD on 40 meter SSB.  Jim is in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  He was running a modern "black box" rig, but he mentioned that he had on the shelf two complete homebrew stations, one of which was for 40 meter SSB.  He hadn't used this gear in 40 years.  I encouraged him to blow the dust off and get it on the air.  Yesterday, Jim did just that.   We met up on 40, first at 1730 local (my time) and again at 1930.   Excellent!  Another HB2HB contact.  Check out the video (above).   Thanks Jim.

If you run into someone who mentions having some old homebrew gear, encourage them to blow the dust off and get it on the air.

Jim's SSB rig:


  1. Hi Bill
    First off, great to see you online post-Matthew!
    Then, question for Jim: any description or details of the HB rig? a good 'HB tech of the day still going strong' article?

    73 from 'Godzone'! FYI, that's a Kiwi slang for our nation's moniker as 'God's (or, as I prefer, Gods') Own Country'.


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