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Friday, September 30, 2016

Listen to Keith Ranger G0KJK on "QSO Today"


Wow Eric,

I just listened to all of the Keith Ranger interview and was struck by the eerie parallels between YOUR 24 September podcast and OUR 24 September SolderSmoke podcast:

-- Both shows discussed the involvement of Anglican clergy in the hobby.

-- Both discussed the joys of simple QRP gear.

-- George Dobbs G3RJV came up in both.

-- BOTH featured discussion of the BD139 transistor (!!!)

-- Both discussed the use of ceramic resonators in ham circuits.

Great minds think alike!

I really enjoyed your interview with Keith. I have enjoyed reading in SPRAT about his projects -- years ago I built his MB4 receiver. I listened while I worked on my homebrew receiver. It was the ideal accompaniment. I also like the stickers on his transmitter.

Please pass this on to Keith if you can.
Thanks and 73 Bill


I also liked Keith's comments on the joys and perils of amateur electronic engineering. 

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