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Thursday, September 15, 2016

QRP Wisdom from George Dobbs, G3RJV

This video makes me want to destroy my amplifier...


  1. While Pete goes to great lengths to build one...

    1. Hi Om,

      Yes I am building the proverbial Big Amp --but on my most recent foray into building another rig from Junk Box parts --the very 1st contact was at 500 Milliwatts.

      If you have read my blog and listened to the most recent podcasts the real focus of the amp project has been the control system and not the amp itself. Anyone can build an amp but the real issue is how to prevent smoking the amp. Read my blog you might learn something!

      Pete N6QW

    2. Pete, don't ever apologize for building big amplifiers. That's nobodies business but ur own. Do it if it makes u happy! Screw the QRP purist out there if they can't see the big picture. Most of my radios are QRP rigs, but if I want to run QRO, that's my business and not anyone else's.

  2. Pete has special authorization, because he has BUILT more rigs than most hams BUY in a lifetime. And most of Pete's rigs are QRP.

  3. Worth watching if only to hear George's explanation why clergymen (such as himself) were found in a survey to have the most satisfying job....

  4. Pete has probably built more rigs *per annum* than most hams BUY in a lifetime.

  5. Wow my first time enjoying a complete presentation from Rev Dobbs, as I had only caught part of his last Dayton presentation before it was deleted. Definitely a motivator to build to enjoy the complete radio experience. Glad George is willing to share his rich experience, made my day and week. Curt WB8YYY


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