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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Alan Wolke Talks 'scopes on "The Workbench" Podcast

George KJ6VU is a long-time supporter of the SolderSmoke podcast.  He has recently teamed up with another ham and launched a podcast called "The Workbench."  This morning I listened to Part I of their interview with the legendary Alan Wolke W2AEW.   It was great.  As I was listening to Alan I was soldering together a crystal filter for my new receiver, and using my RIGOL 'scope to check the results.  

I liked Alan's description of how they made images of 'scope patterns in the days before the advent of Digital Storage Scopes (Polaroid!).  I also liked Alan's scorn for those who use the "Auto" switch on the 'scopes.  The host's reaction to Alan's description of a $300,000 Tektronix 'scope was also fun: "For that price I want to be able to drive a car into it and put a swing set behind it!"  Indeed.

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