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Sunday, September 18, 2016

My New Chinese Signal Generator

More amazing low-cost test gear from China.  Elisa gave me this device on the occasion of my completing another solar orbit.  Amazing capability for less than $90.  The video above gives you a good sense of what this thing can do.

I have already had success with the freq generator function.  The frequency counter also works great.  The sweep function looks very useful for filter checking.  And the ability to generate square waves at different phase relationships will be very useful in phasing receiver and transmitter projects.  

This little box should help me eliminate a lot of clutter on the work bench.  And it looks good next to the Rigol 'scope.  

Mine came from Amazon:


They come with a variety of different brand names:  I ordered a Jinwen but got a FeelTech.  They are obviously the same device.

Be sure to begin your Amazon shopping on the Amazon search link on the SolderSmoke blog (upper right).


  1. :) Would if I could (Rigol too ) but I can't (afford) :(

  2. Happy another orbit. Nice generator. Lucky you!

  3. Happy Birthday Bill.
    The Sig. Gen. looks like a nice bit of kit, certainly a lot of functions for your buck. 73 Brian G8OSN (RSGB Convention)

  4. Enjoy! May this next orbit be a happy one!

    Steve N8NM

  5. Happy birthday, Bill. I predict this present will be well used.

  6. Beware voltage/current on BNC earth from swith mode PSU. See eevBlog

    1. As with any mains powered equipment and sensitive circuits just tie all grounds together. I measure less than a micro-amp leakage on my FeelTech FY3224s under the worst conditions. So no worries.
      Happy Orbit!
      -Don, ND6T


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