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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

ZL2BMI @ AA7EE -- Possibly the Most Beautiful DSB Rig Ever Built

Dave AA7EE has a very cool blog post on his version of the famed ZL2BMI DSB transceiver (seen above).  As usual, Dave puts most of us to shame with his excellent non-ugly construction and enviable in-focus macrophotography.

Check it out:

I especially liked Dave's discussion of how and why .1 uF caps are used in the coupling and bypass network between the two chips.

Of course, the only thing I don't like about this rig is the, well, the chips.  Can we persuade Dave to build the earlier discrete component version of this rig?

Be sure to read the many comments on Dave's post.   Our friend Rogier comments on the beauty of it all.  Edgardo LU1AR (the Argentine wizard with the gyrocopter) chimes in.  And we see  feedback from Eric Sears ZL2BMI himself.  FB. 


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