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Sunday, February 26, 2017

CONFIRMED: Andy G6LBQ Has The Knack (and OTD)

The early fascination with small light bulbs, switches, and batteries confirms the diagnosis. The Ladybird group seems to have led many a young British person down the path to OTD (see the web site for more info on this malady).

Andy writes:

Hi Bill
I have built a few BitX transceivers and developed a 9 band version which has been built by various hams around the world.
Always look forward to the SolderSmoke podcast which I enjoy immensely.
For your interest I have attached some pictures to show you some of the modules I have designed/developed and built for my Multi-Band projects. The SMD boards are for my latest project which I call the Irwell Transceiver, my intention is to make it all band HF and multimode.
Hopefully my pictures will meet with the SolderSmoke approval and the inauguration can take place for recognition that I officially have The Knack, failing this it will be a Basta moment at the G6LBQ workshop!
Keep up the great work you do with SolderSmoke which brings pleasure, fun and inspiration to hams all over the world.
Kind Regards
Andy de G6LBQ


1 comment:

  1. Got my Vote! Wow!
    One with the knack--a Knackster?
    73, John/N6VTS


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