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Saturday, February 4, 2017

W8LM's BITX on a Board

The purpose of the BITX40 project was to encourage modification, experimentation, and more frequent melting of solder.  I think these pictures from W8LM serve as yet another reminder that this goal is being achieved.  The contrast with the big appliance rig in the background is, in so many ways, striking. You'd be understandably reluctant to take a soldering iron to the commercial rig, but the BITX seems to be crying out for hot iron and solder smoke. 

W8LM wrote (on the BITX20 group):

Guys- Here are pix's of my BITX40 fired up today in Receive for testing. #1 I have the tuning clicks- so I will be debugging that. #2 shown in the pictures is my test of calibration which was not necessary. I used a T and put my ICOM 756proII  and the BITX40 on the same antenna (a Windom flat top at 33Ft)  The display of both read 7.1700 pretty much the center of the band and I was copying 4's,8's and 2's at 23:30zulu) By moving volume controls up and down I could listen to both rigs same frequency, audio comparison acceptable. An AGC circuit is in order.  The mylar-plastic cone of the surplus speaker lacks fidelity. Unfortunately the 16x2 display did photograph well. It's a start-- de W8LM

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