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Sunday, February 5, 2017

"First Light" on Brad's Direct Conversion Receiver

So cool.    You can just feel the enthusiasm.  Congratulations Brad!

Bill and Pete:

After 63 years, I was finally able to build a DC receiver of my own design.  We achieved "first light" at 7:20P last night.  I attached the antenna, speaker, then applied power - and a all of a sudden "Bob's your uncle!!"  There are some things I still don't quite understand but right now none of that matters as I listen to the sound of clean, crisp CW pouring out of the speaker and filling the room!!  Major components - SI5351, SBL-1, TL072 op amp bandwidth filter, LM386 audio amp.  I plan to use clk2 of the SI5351 with some Arduino code to create the companion transmitter and CW keyer.  Life is good!!!


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