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Friday, February 24, 2017

More DSB, from Belgium and Spain

Frank ON6UU writes:

Hello Soldermelters,
Maybe some interesting news for you as there are some new kits at hand from EA3GCY (http://www.ea3gcy.com)
I’ve made the MFT-40 DSB without any problem,  all parts were provided with the kit,  only things to buy were a microphone connector,  a speaker and an antenna plug.   The box was taken from my attic and was a VGA-selector in his previous life.
Kit came together in a few evenings,  I followed the very well written manual,  all was well pointed out,  which resulted in a working kit.  After aligning the kit I could start making qso’s.   The microphone was made from a piece of tube,  a simple switch and a electret microphone,  it doesn’t look pretty but the microphone works.
Rx-Tx 7.066 – 7.133  (With DDS the complete 7MHz band)
Pwr :  some 3W peak.
Double Side Band
Made some You-tube films about it.  
Easy to make,  no SMD,  easy alignment without necessity of expensive material.   Fine for someone who never made a transceiver,  hence the name...My First Transceiver,  MFT.   As soon as the weather permits I will take the TRX out in the field and activate a SOTA with it.
Now working on the MFT-20 DSB.   I’m hoping for an 80mtr version to come available too.  :-)
All info is on Javier’s site. (http://www.ea3gcy.com)
72, 73
Keep the solder melting !!

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