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Thursday, January 31, 2019

A SolderSmoke Message to the Vintage SSB Net

Inspired by what I heard on the Vintage SSB Net web site, I wrote to the group: 

Esteemed Vintage OTs: 

As the proud owner of an HT-37/Drake 2B station, I immediately identified with the values embraced by your inspiring preamble. It is almost as good as that other preamble that we all hear about from time-to-time.   

On our SolderSmoke podcast, we often discuss the cluelessness of many of the operators of modern appliance "radios" :   

-- How often have we called CQ on a clear frequency on 40 meters, only to be answered by a chorus  of "YOU ARE ON THE WRONG FREQUENCY!"?  (How could that be?  What was WRONG with my frequency?  It took me a while to realize that they think 40 has been channelized and that emissions must be on whole kilohertz frequencies.) 

-- How many times has someone whose "rig" is really a computer complained that your "60 over S9" signal is "too wide" on his waterfall? 

-- How many times have we had to deal with the apparent psychological trauma caused to some hams by an ancient VFO that drifts a little bit? 
"You are drifting ALL OVER THE BAND!"
"How far have I moved?" 
"More than 40 hertz!"  
Oh the humanity! 

Anyway, we really liked your preamble, especially the bit about how "smoke and flames may occur at any time." Words to live by my friends.  

Could we please have a written version of the preamble?  We want to recommend that all SolderSmoke listeners post it on the walls of their radio shacks.  Some of them may want to have it tattooed on their backs (we leave that to them). 

73 and keep warm out there (the boatanchor rigs really help with this). 

Bill  N2CQR


  1. Well said OM!

  2. Bill, are you able to copy these guys at your QTH? Regarding SDR technology, I find that it has the very odd characteristic of being somewhat interesting (depending on the use) and also a huge turn-off, at the same time! My name for this effect is the Digital Duality. Perhaps the ultimate radio appliance is now the Software Defined Appliance???

  3. Pete is never off frequency with his software defined VFO!!!

  4. After nearly forty years as a Ham and the arguments and complaints haven't changed very much, just the names and call signs. On my first rig, a Heathkit AR-3 everyone was crammed into a 1/6 of an inch space on the dial. Tonight, I think I will crank up the old spark gap transmitter and see who comes back to my CQ on 80, 40, 20, 15, 10 and all the TV channels. I love this hobby, never a dull moment.


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