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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Old Station On-The-Air -- A Transmitter Half as Old as Radio Itself

I'm biased, but I think it is "a thing of beauty."   With some unexpected free time available, today I followed up on my HT-37 work by cleaning and aligning the Drake 2B.  I was assisted in this by one of the many great YouTube videos by Alan Wolke W2AEW.   

The Drake 2B's 50 kc and 405 kc oscillators were right were they were supposed to be -- no adjustment required.  And I don't think they have been peaked since 1973.  The 455 kc IF can was also very close to perfectly tuned. 

Since most stations from the mid-1960s had some QSL cards on the wall behind the rig, I pulled out some old ones and put them up.  Many of these contacts were made by the rigs in the picture. 

If we say that 1897 marked the first use of radio, and if we assume that this HT-37 was manufactured in 1959,  that means that my old transmitter has been in operation for almost HALF of the history of radio.  


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