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Thursday, January 3, 2019

Please Listen for Dave AA7EE's New "Boris Beacon"


From Dave's blog: 

The beacon sends the letters “BRS” at 10wpm, with a break of 3 or 4 seconds between the end of one transmission and the beginning of the next, with a mighty power to the dipole of about 1mW. The frequency is a nominal 13556.9KHz (13.5569MHz), which varies either way by a few tens of Hz, depending on the outside ambient temperature. I will be overjoyed if anyone, anywhere hears it! There is no battery, so it transmits during daylight hours only. It comes on about half an hour after local sunrise, and goes off about half an hour before local sunset. I’ll update this with more accurate information, as I observe the on and off times over the next few days.
AA7EE is in Oakland California.  His cat is named SPRAT.  Please send him a report (and if possible a recording) if you hear his beacon. 


  1. I tried a listen this afternoon with 2 different receivers, Realistic DX-302 and uBitx. There appears to be a beacon that transmits on that frequency that is just a single dot, not identifier. I suspect it is local as I am in the Midwest (IN).

    I'll try again this weekend....73 de AC9JQ

  2. Dave,

    Good luck with this and I bet you will be heard. I’ve had my 1.8 mW Hifer beacon running since 2001 or so and have had reception reports from as far away as New Zealand. It’s a great part 15 ISM band to work in and I encourage you to check out our Longwave Club of America’s group at lwca.org if you haven’t already. There’s a monthly newsletter and also a message board you can use to post your operations to get other guys to listen for you.

    QRSS 30 “PBJ” on 13.55787 MHz

  3. Awww Bill - thanks a bunch! The honor of a mention in SolderSmoke warms the cockles of my heart. If any of your readers hears my astonishingly diminutive signal, you won't even need a feather to knock me down - the mere mention of one will be enough!

    I'll be sure to let you know if this beacon that makes fleapower transmitters look mighty, gets a reception report.

    73 for now,


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