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Sunday, January 27, 2019

Godzilla, an SP-600, a D-104, and a Turner SSB+2 Transistorized Mic

We were in a restaurant last week and this trailer played on a TV that was all the way across the room.  The SP-600 caught my eye.  I once had one of those, but chickened out when I read about the horrors of black-beauty cap replacement.   There is also a D-104 in the trailer (several of those are with me now).  And the girl is transmitting with a Turner SSB+2 Transistorized mic -- I have one of those also. 

Thomas K4SWL over at The SWLing Post  notes that the SP-600 Tuning Dial appears to have been modified.  I'm thinking the wanted it to look like some sort of transmitter output meter. 

I think I can also see some sort of Collins antenna tuner.   

Any ideas on whose shack this all comes from?   It looks like a real ham shack.  

From the trailer, it appears that the ham gear somehow helped us establish contact with Godzilla, who then went on to save the planet.  I hope.  ONCE AGAIN, HAM RADIO SAVES THE DAY! 

The ham radio stuff is in the first minute or so of the trailer. 

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  1. The kilovolt meter and rocker switch seen at the very beginning appear to be on the Collins 30-L1. It is seen later out of focus behind the Astatic D-104 mic. I agree that the "needle" in the right window of the Super Pro is CGI. This is a classic ham station, somewhere.


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