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Monday, January 13, 2020

Contacts from the Dominican Republic

Below I have my log from the Dominican Republic.  A few noteworthy contacts highlighted in yellow.  The first contact was actually on 30 meters,  My guess is that the 20 meter EFHW and the counterpoise got close to half wave on 30. 

AE7KI's was a famiiar voice. Terry transmits from Tennessee but his voice is from down under.  I recognized him before I heard the callsign.  

F6HKA was a familiar call.  I checked -- he was a Straight Key Night contact from one year ago.  Great to meet up with Bert again. 

The Aeronautical Mobile contact was icing on the cake.  More on this tomorrow...

Thanks to all who contacted me or tried. 

In the Dominican Republic 30 December 2019 – 11 Jan 2020

30 meter CW HK1ANP Fred.  I was in Bavaro.  30 meters on an 20 meter EFHW!

All subsequent DR contacts on 20 meters from Samana near Las Galeras

0922 CW EW1I Alex in Belarus.
0959 SSB KG4ZEC. A net on 14.300
1657 CW KB3WAV Md
1701 SSB AE7KI Terry – old friend from Tennessee and Australia.

7 Jan 2020
0917 CW F6HKA Bert near Limoges 14.050 SKCC 60693
1500 CW KN4ZQ Dave in Palmyra Va. Me 599
1523 NO CONTACT but close,  CW KC2OHL
1800 CW KC5F Steve – he answered my  CQ   NC SKCC 21092T

8 Jan
CW N3JB John in Va. Me 599
CW W9YXX Bob in Ind. Me 569
1749 CW W8TK Tom in Tuscon Az.

9 Jan
0700 SSB KX4WC/AM Me 57 767 170 miles NW of San Juan
0840 SSB KI5PZE Miguel, Lake City Fla. In Spanish.
0908 SSB W1FDY Jack in SE Va. Me 58 

The point of the Pen shows where we were in Samana. Bavaro is on the Eastern tip if the island.

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