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Thursday, January 30, 2020

Mountain Topping in Indonesia -- Very Cool Video

OM Kenji has an awesome video about a mountain topping trip that took place in Indonesia just yesterday.  Very nice.  

I like the use of the neodymium magnets to attach the paddles to the rig.  I may try that with my homebrew straight key and the Samana-uBITX. Or I may have to get a keyer and learn (finally!) to use paddles.  (But simplicity is a virtue and there is nothing more simple than a straight key.) 

Kenji is obviously an amazing cook, even in the field.  I like the coffee-making technique. 

Check out more of his videos (and subscribe) at his YouTube Channel page: 


Thanks Kenji! 


  1. Could you make a straight key out of a lighter, rubber bands and finger stock? I guess even with QRP, you'd need a relay of some sort.

  2. Bill
    I recommend starting out with a single lever paddle. Amazingly, you can't close the dash and dot contacts at the same time with such a paddle and the iambic benefits aren't a big deal, especially at "normal" speeds. Your learning curve will be faster and the profanity will be at a minimum.

    As with a straight key, inter-letter spacing is important so you can be copied more easily. And your wrist won't hurt compared to a straight key. The invention of the Vibroplex bug eliminated carpel tunnel syndrome which sidelined most telegraphers after a few years. A paddle offers the same benefits and more.

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