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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

DK7IH's New HOMEBREW Transceiver Raises the Bar for All of Us

And that, my friends, is a HOMEBREW transceiver.  Wow, amazingly well done.  After I showed this to Pete N6QW (no slouch in the homebrew packaging department), in frustration with his self-perceived shortcomings he threatened to give up on homebrewing and to throw away all his rigs. Don't do it Pete!   

Peter Rachow, DK7IH has carefully documented his project through as series of blog posts: 
Here is Part 1: 

Part 9 deals with mechanical construction, packaging and what George Dobbs used to call "socketry."

Thank you Peter for taking the time to share your project with all of us.  It is really inspirational. 


  1. Peter's radio craftsmanship is exceptional! 73 Paul VK3HN.

  2. I have to say, even if Pete did decide to toss all his rigs (don't do it Pete!) there are certain practical limitations - for starters you'd need an awfully big bin.


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