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Sunday, February 9, 2020

W6IQY's Homebrew SSB Transceiver from the mid-1960s

Oh wow, it is definitely a thing of beauty.  Bob W9RAN acquired this homebrew gem and put it back on the air.   Bob also wrote a very nice article about the rig and how it was made.  (Mike WU2D should brace himself -- many surplus rigs were cannibalized in the process.)  It is especially fitting that I post this today because February 9 is the day of the Classic Exchange on-the-air event.  (My DX-100 is warming up.) 

Here is the article:   http://tinyurl.com/rjqq6eo

Bob's site has some more really wonderful articles.  You can read about Heathkit monobanders, DX-60s. ELMAC power supplies and -- my favorite --  Mike Hopkins and the Five Meter Liberation Army.   The FMLA was, of course, the forerunner and inspiration for our current Color Burst Liberation Army. 

See it all here: 

Thanks Bob! 

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