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Monday, February 3, 2020

AM Rally Report -- Great Contacts on 40 AM

The AM Rally this past weekend was a lot of fun.  I was reminded of how the guys that you talk to on AM are just so much more likely to be running interesting homebrew or vintage gear.

First contact was with Howard VE2AED who has one of the most amazing antenna farms I have ever seen.  Take a look:  
He also has an R-390 and a KWM2 in his shack. 

Next I spoke to Robert W0VMC (Voice Modulated Carrier) out in Wisconsin.  Robert is a homebrewer of AM gear with a Knack story that is very familiar:  http://w0vmc.com/

Next up was W4GON.  Joel was on the homebrew AM transmitter that we reported on back in 2017:

Joel has completed his rig, adding a FB front panel.  Here it is: 

Then came the W1AW contact.   See the video above. 

Finally, I talked to Jack W9GT who was running a rig that must be unique on the amateur bands: A Federal 167 B Maritime transmitter.  You can see this magnificent transmitter here: 


  1. So Howard's no longer living in Montreal? Not with those antennas.

    I think the first time I met him he had a Drake TR-22 on his shoulder, I think we were helping someone move (and yes, the 2M rig was the first thing set up, even before all tge rest if tge stuff was moved).

  2. Very nice tube rig; check out my tube project at www.stationqrp.com I'm working on new tube project as well, follow me via Twitter.com/stationqrp
    73's Jack


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