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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Thermatrons Al Fresco: W4GON's FB HB AM Rig

I was listening to 7290 kHz with my BITX this morning and I heard W4GON say his AM rig is homebrew.  So of course I fired up the DX-100 and the HQ-100 and gave Joel a call.  Conditions were terrible but we had some support from the radio gods.  

From Joel's QRZ.com page: "It uses a pair of 6L6s in Push-Pull Class AB1 high level plate and screen modulating a 6146. I still have a lot of work to do on this rig, like building an enclosure, but it works and I just couldn't help but getting on the air with it!"  

I think it is a thing of beauty. 


  1. A thing of great beauty! You could heat a small home with that rig--and plug in your guitar at the same time. Those 6L6's sound good on the air--and have powered many a guitar amp. Very best 73. Jonathan W0XO

  2. Lovely! It reminds me why I first got interested in the hobby back in the sixties.
    Admittedly, a rig was actually something you had to rig together. My Elmer made me build everything I used, except the code key. The 6L6 and 807s were the mainstay of output tubes for the indigent among us, and I still keep a few of these old BAs up and running on the bench. Don't know if the appliantologists would understand. No matter; keep up the great work! BTW the SolderSmoke book is excellent reading!

  3. What's that I see on the bench? D-104! FB!


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