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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

A Regen that is NOT Evil

Look at that thing.  It is already painted Juliello -- this is a very good sign.  Steve Silverman sent me one of these Sawdust Regen kits a few years ago.  I put it together this week for my nephew John Henry who is very interested in Morse and ham radio.   

This is a regen that even I can love. It is simple, small and stable.  40 meters comes booming in.

Look at the schematic.  Why haven't we used that simple three-terminal AF amp IC before?   


  1. Why haven't we used that three-terminal AF amp before? Because the TL431 is a voltage regulator IC! It's using the voltage reference input as audio in, and the voltage being regulated as the audio out. I wonder how well it really performs as an AF amp? http://www.ti.com/lit/gpn/tl431

  2. Thanks Mike. I had never seen a regulator used as an AF amp. Check this out:

  3. More on using a TL431 as an audio amp: http://techlib.com/electronics/audioamps.html#TL431

  4. TL431 as audio amplifier


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