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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

K0EOO: Homebrew SSB in 1974

It is not everyday that you get on 40 meters and run into a guy who has actually built a single sideband transceiver.  But that is what happened to me today.   I spoke to Dennis, K0EOO.  He  showed an unusual interest in my BITX DIGI-TIA.  He went on to explain that he had done some homebewing himself.  In the picture (from 1974), right next to his Vibroplex bug we see his homebrew,  80-10 meter,  dual conversion,  solid state (except for the 6146 final) SSB transceiver with digital readout.  Wow.  That's a beautiful rig.  

Off his right shoulder is a homebrew 700 watt amplifier using dual 4CX250s. And behind his left shoulder we see a homebrew tube-type receiver.

Note the look of pride and determination in OM's eyes.  You can just hear him saying it: "Rig here is homebrew."

More pictures of Dennis and his rigs (including some amazing vintage gear)  here:




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