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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Building an Airplane in the Basement with Insulation Foam, Tape, Glue, Poplar...

But this one is not a model RC plane.  This kid intends to pilot this plane while actually sitting in it.  

As a parent, I must say this is really nuts.  Stick to the models Peter!  Or maybe put some goggles on the big dog and let him fly it!  

Nevertheless, this is an inspriational look at what can be built in a basement using stuff from Home Depot or Lowes.    

For more info see:

Here's Peter's earlier Cargo Plane project:


  1. At least he's not taking 17ys to build it like Bally's Bomber http://theballybomber.com/

  2. Awesome. That is Peter Sripol, one of the most popular model airplane builders. Love the idea.

  3. I have to say, what a lovely chap he is!

    A real inspiration!


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