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Thursday, August 3, 2017

AE7KI (VK2APG), FT8, and WAS on a BITX20

I've had several very nice conversations with Gerry AE7KI (aka VK2APG).  His Australian accent sets him apart from the other Tennessee stations.  Last time we talked Gerry mentioned having competed Worked All States with his BITX20 (below). Very cool.

Gerry also alerted me to a new digital mode created by Joe Taylor.  This one is called FT8.  Gerry is using it to good effect on the 6 meter band. Here is Peter Marks' initial reaction to FT8:

As I type, there are 252 stations monitoring 6 meters for FT8 signals.   You can see a map displaying these stations here: 


  1. I checked out FT-8 after reading this and it's addicting - kind of like eating potato chips; you intend to eat a handful and a little while later you find yourself holding an empty bag.


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