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Monday, April 20, 2020

Dean KK4DAS Builds SSB rig, Makes First Contact.

You can almost see the excitement in the notes (al fresco!)  of Dean KK4DAS.   He made his first QSO with a homebrew transceiver this week.   Not long ago Dean was taking his first tentative homebrew steps with a Michigan Mighty Mite.  Wow, he has made great progress.   

Congratulations Dean! 


  1. Dean, F.B. O.M. !
    cant wait to work you - homebrew to homebrew.
    Keith N6ORS

  2. Keith,

    That would be awesome! I took a quick look at your QRZ page - I love the MIN-X - the layout is what I imagined when I started on this rig - perhaps as I gain more homebrew skills :-). I've now QSO'd with Ontario and New York from northern Virginia, so we'll have to give Wisconsin a try!


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