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Sunday, April 19, 2020

Q-31 Quarantine Receiver -- All Boxed Up, Almost Done

Almost done.  A few odds and ends remain, but now I have all the circuitry in their boxes. 

As I was taking my walk the other day I was thinking of how I didn't have to build a BFO for this superhet. That's because the signals coming in on this rig bring with them their own BFO signal (the carrier).  


  1. Juggling volume pot against ear-blast while tuning? Definite need for AGC! Carrier level gives that - and S-meter! I have fond memories of Columbus console with 'magic-eye' ... and family listening to "Round The Horne" and 6pm News.More to the point, Philips 'side-pin-valve' set with short-wave 6 to 16Mc/s (yes!): Radio France each end helped me to top-of-class 4th Form (2nd year High School). Same principle as old valve-tech: DC from diode to (FET) to attenuate input. Obviously plenty of dynamic range there!
    73 from very nearly Corona-free NZ (except perhaps the beer) :)

  2. Have you pulled together a complete or at least an as-built schematic yet? Would love to see a copy


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