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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Please Listen: Something Wrong with Spanish National Radio Signal?

I've been getting back into shortwave listening. One of my favorite stations is Radio Nacional de Espana (Spanish National Radio) from Madrid.  It is very strong here on 9690 kHz starting around 1645 Eastern Time, 2145 UTC.  

If you can, please listen to this station and let me know if you hear any technical problems with the signal.  Please let me know what you hear.  Does the signal sound OK.  Any problems? 



  1. Hi now utc 20:30 good signal in EU50+20-30 73

  2. Sounds OK here in DC now. Just the local noise and fading I would expect. I can send you a recording if you like.

  3. Yes it sounds fine here today also. Yesterday I heard a fairly strong AC hum on the signal. I thought it might have been my receiver, but it wasn't. No hum today. Sounds great. I like that station a lot. Thanks for listening.
    73 Bill

  4. ... HMMM... HUMMM (NOT noise) its me enjoying this episode... expecting it to be about the Hubles 30 th... anywy... iḿ always looking into the sky, but one has to see where to put his feet too.. A.Ferreira -ElMotokedas on CB ... & a rocketeer...


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