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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Tribal Wisdom from KE3IJ

Lots of homebrew wisdom on OM Rick's web site.  Excerpts: 

Why am I not on the air as much as I'm tinkering with toy radio circuits? Well, if some of the hams reading this don't mind my saying so, the manners of many of the people using the bands these days leaves so much to be desired that I often find more pleasure in futzing around with "minimal" QRP [low-power] ham-band transmitters and receivers, as well as good-old AM broadcast receivers, than in getting on the air anymore. 

So I've found a certain twisted fascination with trying to build the simplest pieces of junk possible, and seeing what I can pick up with them. I usually start by drawing a rough schematic on paper, then tack-soldering a haywire "spider-web" of components, as a 'first pass,' and then I rebuild the circuit more neatly once its design is finalized.

It still amazes me that we can connect some modified "rocks and sticks" together (that's basically what copper wire, silicon transistors, etc. really are, when you think about it) and hear voices and music magically appear out of nowhere...

He has many regen circuits.   And his Drake 2-B dial skirt looks just like mine.  

Visit Rick's site:  http://ke3ij.com/radios.htm

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  1. I've got a DC transceiver to finish up, but I know a regen is coming, but F5LVG style from SPRAT. Love the simplicity of these regens, rocks and sticks for sure.. Ed KC8SBV


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