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Saturday, August 1, 2020

SolderSmoke Podcast #224: Mars. Spurs. Bikes. SDR. NanoVNA. Antuino. MAILBAG

SolderSmoke Podcast #224 is available:

1 August 2020

--The launch of Perseverance Mars probe with Ingenuity helicopter.
--China’s Tian Wen 1 on its way – radio amateur Daniel Estevez EA4GPZ is listening to it! 
--Sci Fi Books:  Mars Trilogy by Kim Stanley Robinson.  No skip on Mars :-(
--We have some sunspots!  SFI now 72 and the Sunspot number is 23. 

Bill's bench: 
--Conquering Ceramic Spurs in Q-31   Roofing filter -- sort of 
--NE602 for a Q-75 converter – Gilbert Cell. 
--Measuring low power levels out of NE602.  Antuino better than 'scope . 
--NanoVNA   Really cool stuff.  SDR in there. 
--Building a 455 kc LC filter from QF-1 rubble. Using LTSPICE, Elsie... 
--Reviving my bicycle AM radio – The “All Japanese 6”
--Understanding L Network impedance matching. 
--Bill’s new resistor kit from Mouser. Thanks to Drew N7DA. 


Pete's Bench: 
--Lockdown Special 
--BPF work on SDR Rig
--I U W I H 

VK3HN Summit Prowler 7
VK2EMU “The Stranger”
SM0P  HB uBITX in Dubai
AE7KI  Worked him in VK from London
ON6UU  EA3GCY’s 4020 rig
KA4KXX A Simpler Mighty Mite
KD4PBJ Radio Schenectady
W3BBO 12AU7 Regen
KE5HPY Another 12AU7 regen
N5VZH Ne602 Converter
KY3R Wall Art
G4WIF  Spectrum Analyzer in your pocket
W2AEW  Talks to UK Club
KK0S Sent 455 Kc IF cans
KL0S Making 9Mhz filters
VU2ESE  Diving into simple SDR schemes
Dean KK4DAS  Amateur Radio Astronomy


  1. Massive mailbag! Lots of places and people in Covid lockdown? Mailman more confident on his bike with less road traffic? Whatever, good to see, and 73 to all! :)
    Just to boast: our PM's "go hard, go early" policy has paid off! NZ is out of lockdown with 2 months free of community transmission: we're alert at the border and with robust health systems. Would that others had that intelligence / wisdom!
    Maori '73': Aroha! (pronounce with French vowels, emphasize that first A)

  2. Hey Bill,
    No skip on Mars ?
    No ionosphere ?
    Every cloud has a silver lining, even if Mars doesn't have any clouds ;)
    Mars has two moons.
    Could be paradise for Moon Bounce affectionardos. No ionosphere or F layer to get in the way. VHF can get around corners after all.

  3. For reference - here's a review of the Gilbert Cell:
    Here's my NanoVNA video playlist:
    My video on designing an L-Network using a Smith Chart:


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