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Friday, August 14, 2020

Tor LB4RG Builds an IRF-510 Amplifier

Click on the link to check out Tor's very FB and artistic video about his homebrew IRF-510 amplifier. 

Very Nice.   Also, check out Tor's FB SolderSmoke hat.  


And here is an update from Tor" 



  1. Tor, the bias Voltage can be measured there, but that's not the critical measurement. That's the CURRENT, measured IN SERIES with the power (supply) to the amp. That taken by the biasing and its regulator is miniscule. With most multimeters, a 0-1A scale will do the setup, but with SSB operation that can peak to 2 or 3A. Construction: VERY FB! 73!

  2. Hat very FB too. Bill, that looks like a slightly different design to present stock, possibly better with room below logo for callsign?

  3. The day I learned where the bias point was on a transistor was a big day for me. Everything changed...keep at it


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