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Thursday, August 26, 2021

Making a BIG Transformer from Scratch -- Video

Wow.  Watch this young guy make something very useful.  This video reminded me of the 16 de Marzo neighborhood in Santo Domingo, where I was able to get the RF choke and power transformer of my Hallicrafters HT-37 repaired.   This guy takes that a big step further.  He does lot with very limited resources, and does it in a workshop that many of us just wouldn't be able to tolerate. There is obviously a lot of skill in his production of this transformer,  and lot of wise re-purposing of materials.  

I think this shop is in Pakistan.  Three cheers for the Malik Transformer makers! 

Thanks to Rogier PA1ZZ for alerting me to this video. 


  1. Well deserving of the Soldersmoke patch: "If you know stuff...you can do stuff." Excellent.

  2. https://bestdataprovider.com/sme-msme/malik-electronics-kalkha-transformer-delhi/

    Great stuff
    73, Jim AB9CN

    1. Jim: I don't think that is the same company. 73 Bill


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