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Sunday, August 15, 2021

Sam KD2ENL's Homebrew Integrated Circuit Chips

Sam Zeloof KD2ENL does some really inspirational work on the homebrewing of IC chips. We first posted about this back in 2018, when Sam was 17: 

Sam has some very impressive gear  -- I found myself wondering if that could really be a home lab. But it is.  It is apparently in his garage in New Jersey.  Hack-A-Day reports that Sam got a lot of the gear on e-bay.  And they note that living near Princeton University (great dumpsters!) also helped.  Here is some background on Sam's workshop: 

Sam and his brother Adam KD2MRG are students at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. 

Thanks to Hack-A-Day for alerting us to this: 


  1. Maybe a new source of dual gate Mosfets??

  2. I didn't know Sam was a ham. Worst case of knack I've ever seen, almost-certainly fatal. He's only got another eighty years to live, at best.

  3. For real amazement, read Sam's blog. I expect companies are already lining up to throw money at him, but I expect he will found a company instead.



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