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Sunday, August 8, 2021

Mythbuster Video #14 -- ON THE AIR!

On August 5 I put the Mythbuster on the air, making QSOs on both 75 and 20 meters. This video is from the following day -- I was on 75 meters. My first QSO with this rig was on 20 with S57DX. That was a good omen. TRGHS

I had no feedback or spur problems with the BITX40 module amplifier circuit. And I didn't release any IRF510 smoke. There is, of course, a lot more output on 75 than on 20. That's just the nature of the IRF510. I get about 4 watts out on 20 and about 9 watts out on 75 (with a 12 volt supply). At Pete's suggestion I might replace the IRF510 with a Mitsubishi RD06HHF1.

I had a couple of minor problems getting the transmitter going. I will describe these in a future video.

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