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Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Video: E. Howard Armstrong and Early Radio

This is a really wonderful video. It might seem slow to those accustomed to faster-paced YouTube videos, but the information content is very high -- it contains a lot of pictures I hadn't seen before and audio of Howard Armstrong.  

I never knew that the name of the radio company Zenith was derived from the early callsign "9ZN." 

As a Northern Virginian, I like the reference to NAA Arlington.  

I used to live near Yonkers, N.Y.  I remember Warburton Ave.  What a fine shack young Howard had up in that cupola attic.  

The photo of Armstrong's breadboard was very nice.  My Mythbuster is in good company.

QRPers will get a kick out of the newspaper headline "New Radio Marvel Revealed!"  (They cut the power out from 20kW to 5 watts!) 

Thanks again to Dave Bamford W2DAB for sending me the book about Armstrong, "Man of High Fidelity" by Lawrence Lessing.  

Finally, I remember talking to Bruce Kelley W2ICE at hamfests.   He was a great radio amateur: 

Be sure to check out the Antique Wireless Museum's YouTube Channel.  Lots of good stuff there: 

We have the famous photo of Major Armstrong,
 but this is the first one I've seen of a slightly younger Captain E. Howard Armstrong. 

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  1. World Radio History recently posted a book of articles about Armstrong: https://worldradiohistory.com/Archive-Radio-Club-of-America/Legacies-of-Edwin-Howard-Armstong-1990-11-Radio-Club-of-America.pdf


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