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Sunday, October 17, 2021

2 Meter Homebrew: The Fredbox (Video)

I predict a rebirth of interest in 2 meter homebrew.  This will probably hit around Christmas time.  The impetus will come out of Hyderabad, India.  At this point, I can say no more. 

I was thinking about all of this today.  I remembered "The Fredbox."  G3XBM's report on this fantastic rig was carried on this blog before it was even a blog.  And the Fredbox goes back much further in time -- back to the mid-1970s.  It must have been great fun to have QSOs with this rig in Cambridge England back in the day.  G3XBM actually crossed the English channel with this 10 mW rig.  FB.  

When I was in London (2003-2007), G3XBM's post on the Fredbox got me interested in 2 Meter AM.  I had a down-converter that let me listen, and I went as far as modifying a Benton Harbor Lunchbox for the proper AM transmit frequency.  I don't think I made any contacts, but I still have the bits and bobs of this rig, so if anyone in the Northern Virginia area wants to get on,  please let me know -- I will blow the dust off this project and will build a 2 meter antenna.  

Here are more details from G3XBM on The Fredbox:  

Hans G0UPL got into the Fredbox in 2009 and 2016: 


  1. I think you're hastily skipping a band here. G3XBM has a sixbox that is said to work on 4. FMLA??

  2. Michael: Don't worry. I have it on good authority that W6AJF has been sighted in Hyderabad and is working with the folks there who are homebrewing VHF gear. Homebrewing is the key. Once these guys master 2 meter construction, 5 meters will be a piece of cake. QRQ? 73 Bill

  3. Good some activity on 2 meters.
    Being in Thailand I hear nothing on 2m


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