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Monday, October 18, 2021

No Longer On the "Shame Shelf" -- Pete Fixes His KWM-1


I think a good troubleshoot is almost as satisfying as a successful homebrew.  And we can sense that high level of satisfaction in Pete N6QW's description of his repair of a Collins KWM-1:   

I liked Pete's troubleshoot/repair story, but -- as is often the case -- I struck by his turn of a phrase.  I think Pete has added something important to the SolderSmoke lexicon: 


Most of us have a shelf like this. I have an HW-101 on mine.  Pete shows us that there is hope -- there is path off of the shame shelf.  You just have to know stuff.... Or have IBEW friends like Pete who can advise you. 


  1. Unfortunately, I too have a shelf (shelves actually) of shame and it is a very appropriate name!

    The KWS-1 was a transition radio between the collins A line and the S line. You can see genes from both families. Not quite S line yet, but beyond A line.

  2. Interestingly, I have a shelf of ‘success’.
    The rest of the shack is a shame😩.

  3. I worked on a KWM-2. I had some meant problems with it each stage had a problem.
    I hit it to receive ok but not transmit as it had incorrect 6146,s in it one was a "B"and two were "A".
    You can't mix them.
    Anyway I sent it back to it's own.
    I must admit I don't like them.
    Much prefer a nice Kenwood TS83s.


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