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Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Dean KK4DAS Builds an EI9GQ 16 Watt RF Amplifier (and Noodles in the Process)


I really like Dean's description of the building process, especially where he describes the need to sit down with paper and pencil for some noodling.   We see that in the picture above.  Too often we hear from guys who seem to be looking for detailed, step-by-step instructions, and then get frustrated and stuck when this kind of detail isn't available. Dean shows what to do in this situation:  noodle! 

Check out Dean's blog post on this project: 

Dean's post made me think about the origin of the verb "to noodle."  We know it has its origins in music.  Google provided this interesting explanation: 

To noodle around on something, while it does make use of the noodle (head), may derive from the regional German nudeln, to improvise a song, or from the late-19th-century Scottish sense of noodling as humming a song to oneself. By 1937, to noodle was to fool around with notes to create music.

We noodle around with parts and schematics to create rigs. 


  1. Thanks Bill - was a fun project to build and always more to learn. I have to wait until after my trip to test it on the air - gives me something to look forward to on return. I noodle on the guitar but never get quite the N6QW vibe.

  2. Great work. I call the process 'noddling', using one's noddle, the thing that nods.Noodling sounds more like creating pasta, which is more Pete's specialty.:)


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