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Monday, August 15, 2022

Help SolderSmoke! Playlists for SolderSmoke YouTube Videos

In response to popular demand, I am putting up YouTube Playlists for SolderSmoke videos.  

Most of these lists are rig or project specific.  For example, my Hammarlund HQ-100 has its own playlist. 

But there is also one MASSIVE playlist with about 214 YouTube videos.   This one is especially good if you just want to keep SolderSmoke videos playing in the background as you work on rigs in your hamshack.  This video will also cause a big increase in the "SolderSmoke hours watched" metric of YouTube. 

Here are the Playlists (more will be added over the next few weeks): 

(20) SolderSmoke - YouTube

Here is the big Playlist with 214 SolderSmoke videos: 

(20) Polyakov Direct Conversion Receiver on 80 meters - YouTube

1 comment:

  1. Bill, may I suggest playlists for Homebrew radio projects from around the Soldersmoke community that inform, entertain and exemplify The Knack.
    In recent years I've spent countless enjoyable hours watching, learning and being inspired by the likes of you and Pete, VK3YE, M0NTV, Charlie Morris, and dozens of other makers. Homebrew modules, receivers and transceivers are a small subcategory of what comes up in a YouTube search, which is filled with homebrew antennas, test equipment and accessories. So a curated playlist would help people who are interested in a particular thing. Some options might include, homebrew superhets, regens, direct conversion, hollowstate, test equipment.
    Just an idea. You already have a goldmine of videos in the Daily Blog.
    73 Paul VK3HN.


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