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Monday, August 1, 2022

Linear Tuning in the HT-37

I just kind of like this picture.  This is the HT-37 dial that came with the HT-37 VFO assembly I recently bought.  Note the retro designation: KILOCYCLES.  And note the nice, even, linear spacing of the VFO. This VFO runs 5 -5.5 MHz.  The circuit is a series-tuned Clapp.  That circuit seems to be one of the secrets of getting linear tuning -- to avoid the common situation of having all the upper frequencies kind of bunched together at the end of the capacitor's tuning range.  I notice that this circuit was used in the Galaxy V VFO and in the VFO of the Yaesu FT-101, both notably linear in their tuning.   

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