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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Bill N2CQR Goes Citizen Band

 10-4 Good Buddies! 


  1. Bill. When you were talking about needing the right tool for those transformers. How the ferrite was brittle and could easily break. I'm thinking where have I heard this before. I then remembered. IMSAI Guy was talking about variable inductors about two weeks ago. He had three variable inductors, and one while it was different than yours, it had the little slot in the ferrite. He said be careful with these they're brittle. To use a plastic screw driver or adjustment tool.

  2. Looks like the old "Hy Gain board. They sold them surplus in the 80's for $9.99. I bought one from Poly Paks and played with it, trying to get the conversion right. Never did. I think if I had now I might think about substituting a si5351 for the pll, more fleibiluty

  3. I've done that very thing in my youth. Pity. You could try removing the broken ferrite slug bits, and loading the tuned winding with a poly varicap to find the peak. Then replace with fixed C. Fiddly. Might work. Paul VK3HN.


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