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Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Whole Earth Catalog Part II: More on SWL (and a Hippy One-Tube Receiver)

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Lee McKusick was correct about many things, but of course we were a bit disappointed by his focus on store bought gear.  But the 1971 Whole Earth catalog made up for this by publishing the schematic for a very simple single-triode receiver: 

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There is a follow-up article on grid leak detectors here: 


  1. Right you are. It is so simple that I had assumed it to be a regenerative receiver, but on second look, it appears that it is not regenerative. I will change the title and the text. Thanks and 73 Bill

  2. Per the Philco TechRep Training manual 1953, it's the "Grid-Leak Detector(Fig 5.1c)". The text says "The grid-leak detector was formerly employed extensively in regenerative detectors, but now is used only in special applications". I guess with a little feedback, why not?
    That manual was the "Art of Electronics" of its day. My uncle John used it overseas, in the Air Force.


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