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Thursday, November 2, 2023

Listen to Rex. W1REX. Lots of Tribal Wisdom in this Ham Radio Workbench Interview


This week's Ham Radio Workbench podcast features an interview with Homebrew Hero Rex Harper, W1REX of QRPMe fame. (The bulk of Rex's portion starts at about 1:26:30.)

I really liked this talk with Rex.  His enthusiasm for homebrewing is really inspiring -- it is very reassuring to know that there are others like us. Rex clearly has The Knack.  

I got a kick out of Rex's story about the outhouse at Dayton.  FB OM.  

Here is the video of the mojo transfer ceremony in which shared some of the Tuna Tin 2's mojo with my BITX 17.  Thanks again Rex!  

And thanks to George and the gang out at Ham Radio Workbench. 


  1. Thanks for the heads up that Rex is on the HRWB podcast! All of our rigs here are or QRPme decent! I had dropped by soldersmoke because our antenna mounted rig-Project TouCans-a Rockmite mounted below a Tuna Topper housed in a pineapple can with a tuna can as a lid has an 'interesting' morning routine. A cap in the rig is staying charged overnight, (go figure, it's literally floating above ground in the antenna). If the rig is plugged to the battery leads all at once, I sometimes get a buzz and no radio or keyer boot. If I'm careful to plug the radio into it's power plug with only the negative lead of the battery attached, I hear a pop in the headphones which I assume is a discharging capacitor after which when I attach the positive battery lead, the radio starts up perfectly. It's like vapor lock, but for QRP radios.

  2. This was a brilliant interview with Rex. I could have listened to him for much longer! 73, Nick M0NTV


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