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Tuesday, November 14, 2023

From the Last Whole Earth Catalog (1971) -- Short Waves -- Part 1

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Having recently returned from San Francisco, it seemed somehow appropriate for me to take a look into the Last Whole Earth Catalog  (1971).   I picked a copy of this book up some time ago.  There is some radio stuff in it, a lot of it on shortwave listening.  Above is one article. I'll post more in the days ahead. 

It was around 1973 that I gave my cousin's husband Mike an S38-E shortwave receiver.  It is a wonder that he survived.  He did report electrical shocks.  


  1. I have the catalog and it brings back a lot of memories. as an SWL and as a Ham

  2. My S-38 still on top of my garage bench. Keep it at a safe distance, as that chassis is "lively".
    Bill, I think your podcast had mentioned S-38 tuning non-linearity. Very true! About 2:1 difference from one end of the band to the other. Same for my Knight-Kit "Star-Roamer".
    But, tuning can be done properly as both you and the Zenith "Trans-Oceanic" did. So much better!


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