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Friday, December 29, 2023

7J6CBQ on Okinawa -- And a Translation of a Science Fiction Novel about Ham Radio in China


The article about Sergeant Malik Pugh USMC on Okinawa brought back memories from the 1990s. David Cowhig was 73 Magazine's Hambassador on Okinawa -- I had the same "position" in the Dominican Republic.  David and I were both in the Foreign Service;  we joked that 73 had afforded us our only chances to be ambassadors of any kind.  David's Okinawa QSL and the opening from his initial report to 73 magazine appear above.  You can see more here: 

A couple of my own "dispatches" as Hambassdor to the Dominican Republic appear here: 

Back in the 90's David sent me an old QST Magazine.  I wrote about this on the SolderSmoke blog: 

Later, I learned about another "Hambassador" who was still active as a radio amateur: Ron Gang 4X1MK:  

Finally (and this is really cool):  David Cowhig has been putting his language skills to good use, translating Chinese written material.  He sent me his translation of the opening chapters of a Chinese science fiction novel about ham radio.   Readers of the SolderSmoke Daily News will like this: 

We Live in Nanjing 《我们生活在南京》

Thanks David! 

1 comment:

  1. Thank you, Bill, my fellow 73 hambassador!

    I have enjoyed reading Chinese science fiction and strange tales over the years. China has many flying saucer fans -- and reports of UFOs in China's skies seem to increase with political tensions. Perhaps alien political officers follow China more closely at such times!

    Liu Cixin, the author of the scifi novel translated as "The Three Body Problem" worries that
    "In the golden age of SF, the top writers were in their twenties as were their readers.
    What does it say about the future of a literary genre when you go to an SF convention and see it is mostly pot-bellied older guys standing around?"

    [shades of ham radio's aging ham population?]

    A link to the sci fi/strange story category on my blog is at https://gaodawei.wordpress.com/category/apparitions-ufos-scifi/

    73, Dave WA1LBP


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