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Thursday, May 8, 2008

80 in the morning, LTSpice, QRP Blog

I am an early riser -- I am in the shack with coffee cup in hand each day by 0515. At sunspot minimum, that's just not the best time to be on the air. But 80 meters has come to my rescue. I've discovered that I'm not the only ham in Europe who gets up early. The CW guys are there first; phone ops seem to sleep in a bit. With my HW-8 and end-fed wire, I work a few stations each morning. (Today I worked TK7C on Corsica. ) Later on I listen to some AM enthusiasts who meet on 3705 kHz. And there is some great Italian tech talk (mostly about old tube rigs) on 3643 kHz. I plan on building an 80 meter DSB transceiver. (I've joked with Michael, AA1TJ, that on this project I plan to design first that THEN build.)

I've the LTSpice Yahoo Group for some guidance on how to model bifilar and trifilar toroidal transformers in LTSpice. I'm not sure I'm doing this right.

Found a great QRP Blog this morning: http://www.theqrper.blogspot.com/

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