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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Welcome to the SolderSmoke Blog

Our friend Ramakrishnan VU3RDD suggested that I put GadgeteerNews into blog form so that SolderSmoke listeners could subscribe to it and be alerted to updates. Great idea. Here it is. (All the old stuff is here too.) Check out the videos!

I want to update this blog every few days. I hope that it will serve as a useful adjunct to the SolderSmoke podcast. I also hope that it will facilitate communication within the worldwide SolderSmoke community. Please let me know if you have any trouble with it, or if you want me to change any of the settings.

Let me start by pointing you to a very interesting new site. In SolderSmoke 81, I was whining about computers, and praising the virtues of HARDWARE Defined Radios. Perhaps in response, Nicholas in Sydney sent me this link to an on-line Software Defined Radio. Very nice. Multiple listeners can monitor 80 and 40 meters. You can change the filter settings. And be sure to check out the associated web pages for a look at the VERY UGLY (construction technique) hardware associated with this Software Defined Radio. http://websdr.ewi.utwente.nl:8901/


  1. Hi Bill,

    Good idea to have a blog so hams world wide can share info about amateur radio. Many of us have been infected with the "knack" and through the blog many more can be reached.

    Ciao, de Pete W6JFR

  2. Hi Bill,

    The blog is a great idea and a valuable adjunct to SolderSmoke.

    On a personal note, I feel that your photo is 'too buttoned-down' and is diametrically opposed to the warm, personal, outgoing persona of the SolderSmoke podcast.

    The SolderSmoke interviews you have had added a lot to the podcast, and I would like to hear more of them. (One good example of a podcast that uses interviews effectively is ‘FurledSails’, the world’s first sailing podcast and is currently about issue # 135.)

    I appreciate all the efforts you put into producing SolderSmode and look forward to each and every edition. Your wife and family deserve equal parts credit and sympathy for living with someone inflicted with 'The Knack' since their early years.

    Bill, please take care and know that ‘Knackers’ around the world appreciate your efforts.

    Bill K2RXQ
    Oceanport, NJ

  3. Hi Bill,

    Great to learn of your blog. I came here from a link on CQoogle.
    I will probably read your blog every day. I'm like a sponge just waiting to soak it all up! Thanks for everything you do with SolderSmoke and amateur radio in general.

    Very 73 de Cliff KU4GW

  4. I set up a webpage about the transistor if anyone is interested.


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