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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Items recently mentioned on SolderSmoke

Here's Nick WA5BDU's FB site. I really liked his discussion of the design and construction of his 60 meter SSB transmitter: http://kennnick.googlepages.com/home

Here's Stan 9H1LO's 10 meter beacon page:

Here is the "Homebrew QRP is Good 4 U" site of KC6WDK

Here's the transatlantic balloon project: http://www.spiritofknoxville.com/


  1. The link to 9H1LO goes to WA5BDU's site when you click on it. But if you copy the 9H1LO link as displayed and paste it into your browser, it does work. 73 Ray M0DHP

  2. Thanks Ray! I fixed it. 73 Bill


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