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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Amazing Brazilian Homebrew.. with DSB Maritaca

Every once in a while I do a Google search on "QRP DSB." This morning the search yielded a real gem: Miguel PY2OHH has a site that reminds me of JF1OZL's legendary HB pages.

There are many projects on Miguel's site, but it looks to me as if the most well-known and widely reproduced is his "Maritaca" 40 meter DSB transceiver. Miguel's page has photos of versions of his rig built by other Brazilian hams, and YouTube carries videos of several of these projects.

Miguel has been kind enough to translate into English the descriptions of many of his projects, but even on those that are not yet translated, we can all see what he has done through the universal language of the schematic diagram.

Check it out: http://py2ohh.w2c.com.br/ FB Miguel! Muito obrigado!


  1. we have a nice yahoo QRP-BR group also ararinha ssb group, most of brazilian homebrewers take a look there.
    all welcome to visit that pages.
    (english, spanish, portuguese)

    Ride - py2ti

  2. Thanks Joao. Sounds like a great group. I really liked the DSB Maritaca. The SSB Ararinha sounds wonderful. 73 Bill

  3. Hello! Maritaca transceiver is a small and good, is very simple and practical for builder beginners.

    See my maritaca here:

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  6. Oops!

    Link to my maritaca:



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